Drop Extra Pounds Without Dieting

Dieting can be overwhelming for some, depending on a person’s overall outlook of the diet. Some people hear the word ‘diet’ and think they have to stop eating what they love. This is a common mistake many of us make when we begin a diet, especially for the first time. Luckily, it doesn’t take much research to learn that you don’t have to omit your favorite foods necessarily, just make your servings smaller and less frequent.
The mass amount of valuable and not-so-valuable information on dieting across the web doesn’t help matters. The web is a gigantic home for many fad diets and false information on healthy dieting. Fad diets are just that; fads. What one person does to lose weight, for instance a celebrity, isn’t going to work for every person in the world who tries it. Celebrities have an upper hand in that they can have personal trainers and chefs to see that they stay healthy and exercise, etc. Luckily, you don’t need those luxuries to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. There are many easy ways to drop extra pounds without going on a diet. It’s all in perception.
 Chew Slowly
This is one habit that can be hard to break. It’s not uncommon to feel that you must inhale your lunch because of time restraints and not being late getting back to work. Overeating is easily accomplished by inhaling your food without chewing it completely. When you chew slower you will feel fuller faster. Your body is actually able to work properly on accepting the food and providing that ‘full’ feeling. When you inhale your food fast it will block these signals which will result in overeating.
Visual Motivation/Encouragement
Looking at ourselves in the mirror when we are unhappy with our bodies never helps to encourage us to do something about it. It merely makes us remember what we dislike and just how much we dislike it. But it’s not always enough to make us start a strict diet that leaves us unhappy, moody and starving.
Most likely you have a favorite piece of clothing that you haven’t been able to wear these past few weeks. Dig it out. Keep it out. Hang it somewhere where you will see it every day. Every time you walk by it or look at it, it will remind you of your goal and encourage you to stick with it so that you can put that piece of clothing on and have it actually fit. Once you’ve accomplished fitting back into this piece, choose another piece that you haven’t been able to get into. Make sure it’s only a little snug so that you can reach your goal even faster, encouraging you to continue until you’re satisfied with your achievement.
Smaller Visual Cues
It’s no wonder that many of us fill up, or overeat, because we don’t always pay attention to the dish or glass that we use. A shorter but wider glass will most likely make you drink more than you might; whether it’s tea, juice, pop, etc. Choosing a taller but skinnier glass can make you feel like you drinking just as much but you’re actually consuming fewer calories. The same goes for our plates. Using a large plate we are more likely to fill it with more than a typical serving size. Using smaller dishes can help you eat the right amount without overdoing it on calorie consumption. You might even consider the plate offered by The United States Department of Agriculture. The plate shows you which food group goes where and how much. This can make a world of difference in how much you eat in one sitting.
Skip Fast-Food
It might be more convenient for those who have a short time for lunch. Unfortunately, this can make you pack on the pounds quickly. Taking your lunch to work can not only help you lose weight, it gives you the chance to choose healthier foods. If you don’t want to sit at work to eat, drive to a nearby park or somewhere you can sit and enjoy your lunch. With the variety of lunch recipes and convenient lunch bags today it will be a breeze coming up with lunch ideas every day.
Listen to Your Gut
Most times we approach the ‘full’ feeling while we’re eating but if our plate still has food we feel the need to finish it completely. Those last few bites aren’t needed and when you feel that you can’t take another bite; don’t. Put down your fork or spoon and relish in the meal you just consumed, knowing that you can walk away from it easily without groaning about feeling stuffed.
Eat Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and without it you can wind up consuming several more calories than you would if you ate breakfast. Your body needs fuel to make it through the day. Consume foods that give you more energy and make you feel full longer to prevent overeating throughout the day.
Daily Journal
Start a journal where you can keep track of what and when you eat. It’s even more helpful to note how you feel once you’ve finished the meal. Be honest with yourself and read over it after a week to see if you notice any ‘patterns’ in your habits.
Drink Lots of Water
Drinking water helps flush your system of toxic wastes and can provide a more ‘full’ feeling throughout the day. Keep a water bottle with you when driving or out shopping so you’re less likely to choose that high calorie coffee, soda, tea or other convenient beverage.
Dr. Ryan Groelz is a chiropractor at Rock Creek Spine & Rehabilitation Center, a leading chiropractic office in Broomfield, Colorado, specializing in back pain, neck pain, weight loss, and more.

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