Do yourself some good…and others, too

Remember the last time you did something nice for someone, just because? It probably felt pretty good. Imagine multiplying that good feeling over many times, and it’s bound to have some positive effects on your own health. For those who have a little or a lot of time to give, volunteering for a cause that means something to you has many benefits. It can help you make connections with people, foster new friendships, and give you the chance to learn about the lives of others. Research has also shown that volunteering can bring health benefits such as lower incidence of heart disease and lower levels of depression. These are some of the findings published in a 2007 report from the Corporation for National and Community Service titled The Health Benefits of Volunteering: A Review of Recent Research. You can find the press release and the report itself here (

It’s not surprising that volunteering can make us healthier. When we give our time to something we care about, we are happy with ourselves and the fact that we are doing something good. In many cases, it is very easy to see that the work we are doing is having a direct and positive impact on others. Staying active through volunteering also keeps our minds and bodies engaged, providing physical and/or mental exercise that is essential for us to thrive. If you find that something is missing from your life, or if you have too much time on your hands, give some thought to an organization or cause that could use your support. Even if it’s just a few hours a month, the time you spend could end up benefiting a lot of people – including yourself.

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