Dear Men… Don’t Be Gross

Photo courtesy of Unsplash
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

So… I love me some men. I have clearly expressed this in various articles (see here), but what I cannot and I mean I cannot stand, is a man that has these two things…

1. Dirty beard

Don’t get me wrong, I’m #beardgang all day – trust! However, when I see a man with an awesome beard sprinkled with food remains, dandruff and other things that honestly get my skin crawling; I can’t run away fast enough. What’s living in there? Seriously! I know that #beardgang is what is A La Mode! (fashionable) but goodness me, please spare me the torture of having to guess whether a creature is living in that bush! I honestly love a well kept beard but boy one of my biggest turn offs is a man that cannot control it.

2. A long pinky nail

I actually don’t know how to talk about this without feeling grossed out inside! I mean help me out here! Why? Why do you need to have a long pinky nail? Why are we going to ensure that all our other nails are groomed adequately and leave this one nail running wild? I don’t know what you are using this nail for. Are you diggin’ for gold with it? Is it your special lucky nail? Is it a nail you keep in memory of a lost hommie? Why? I just don’t get it. Fewer things I loathe … seriously loathe … like a man with a long pinky nail.

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