Your Coffee Habit Could Save Your Life

Let me get this out of the way up front: I hate the taste of coffee in any form. Even the smell bugs me–I’ve often had to cross the street to avoid the aroma wafting out of a coffee shop. It’s always struck me as nothing more than a delivery device for caffeine, and I’ve often thought of people who drink coffee as somewhat weak (“What do you mean you ‘need’ your morning coffee? Shut up and get to work.”)
phto credit: Tilen Hrovatic,
phto credit: Tilen Hrovatic,

But after spending a lot of time looking at the research on coffee (admittedly hoping to find studies that would allow me to sneer even more at all you coffee drinkers), it turns out that there’s a lot of evidence that people who drink moderate amounts of coffee (two to three cups per day) enjoy some interesting health benefits that non-coffee drinkers may not. Still hopeful, I dug a little deeper, hoping to prove that it’s the caffeine that produces the positive results. But I’ve sheepishly come to the conclusion that in many cases, there’s something in coffee itself–not tea, not Red Bull, not chocolate–that’s responsible.

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  1. Tyrus JacksonJune 30, 2015

    I agree with you. I am not a fan of coffee and I am still a healthy individual. I see the benefits of drinking coffee but there are other things that I can do to get the same result.

  2. Zak HinesJune 30, 2015

    Really interesting piece! Candidly, I don’t drink coffee either (never liked the taste though my dad needs it to get through the night shift in the ER). It would be very interesting to take this research further, as you said about coffee drinkers having a decreased rate of suicide being related to being around socially stimulating places. Would be interesting to examine other external variables to see if it’s possible to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that it’s coffee and not something else. Fascinating ideas!

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