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Caring for Those Who Cared for Us

Men are no strangers to the responsibility of taking care of loved ones. Though we often attribute this as a maternal instinct, men provide for take care of their families every day. They work full-time jobs, often juggling several at once, to make sure the ones they love have everything they need. And at some point in their lives, they are often faced with the dual role of caring for their spouse and kids as well as their aging parents.

aarp's thanks projectIt is ingrained in us take care of the people who took care of us. From birth, our parents provided us with food, shelter, and, above all, love. Does it not make sense to, in turn, provide for them?

In the United States, 42 million people between the ages 40 – 60 are faced with the challenge of providing care to their older loved ones, day in and day out. Those people do not see it as a responsibility, but an honor. And because of this, they may not realize that they have taken on the role of caregivers.

During this season of celebrating mother’s and father’s, we are happily partnering with the AARP to raise awareness about The Thanks Project. This online platform gives caregivers the opportunity to publicly recognize the parents whom they care for. Even better, each individual ‘thanks’ will be woven into an interactive tapestry, representing the 42 million caregivers that live in the United States.

With Mother’s Day recently celebrated and Father’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect time to recognize the parents who raised you and to remind you why caregiving is worth it.

If you are currently playing the role of caregiver for your loved ones, here are just a sample of the resources available from the AARP:

Who are the caregivers you want to celebrate during this season?


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