Beyond Hair Transplants: Top Plastic Surgeries for Men

When it comes to spending money to look good, women have got men beat, hands down. In 2014, of the 1.3 million cosmetic procedures–and the $12.9 billion Americans spent on them–women accounted for 90 percent. But things are changing: the number of cosmetic procedures (which include both surgical and non-surgical) men had is up 273 percent since 1997. As soon as someone develops a safe, legitimate penis enlargement procedure (not the kind that flood your SPAM filters), we expect that figure to quadruple every year for the next, well, forever,

top plastic surgery for menSo what kinds of procedures are men getting? Let’s take a look at the most popular ones first. But the real interesting stuff is the lesser-know-but-becoming-more-common ones. Those include bicep implants, scrotal ironing (ouch), voice-deepening surgery, and more.

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Armin Brott

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