How to Attract a Financially Fit Woman (Hint: Be a Financially Savvy Man)

Arguments about money trigger worse fights than any other topic, and they are the biggest and earliest indicator that a couple is heading for a break-up, according to Kansas State University research. People fight over things such as differing beliefs about how money should be used, unmet financial expectations and disagreements about who controls the budget. If couples aren’t careful, stress over bills can ultimately destroy relationship satisfaction. Start prioritizing financial compatibility in your search for Ms. Right—and consider how you can make yourself an attractive financial partner as well.

Give Yourself a Financial Makeover

You have the most influence over your own end of any relationship, meaning the starting point for attracting a financially sharp woman is to be a fiscally savvy man. Financial security is attractive, and it flows from pursuing clear financial goals. Business publisher Kiplinger recommends taking steps to secure your financial future by setting financial goals in a few key areas, including income, savings and insurance.

On the income side of the equation, business journalist Kristina Cowan suggests five strategies for boosting your long-term earning potential. Her suggestions to get ahead in the long run include finding a career mentor, continuing your education and taking a part-time job. For more short-term income boosts, U.S. News & World Report outlines eight methods of increasing your earnings, ranging from asking for a raise to making money with your smartphone video camera.

When it comes to savings, financial adviser Dave Ramsey stresses the importance of building an emergency fund and reducing non-mortgage debt before focusing on long-term savings goals such as retirement. Taking these steps will improve your credit rating, thereby increasing your attractiveness to potential lenders and mates. If you receive periodic payments from a structured settlement, you might sell your future payments to a company such as J.G. Wentworth for a lump sum of cash now. You could then use this to help pay down your debt, so you don’t end up paying more than necessary in interest over the years.

Envision Your Ideal Financial Partner

Next, get clear on what you’re looking for from the financial end of a relationship. TD Ameritrade and LearnVest conducted a joint survey to identify the biggest money-related stumbling blocks to relationships and the keys to financial bliss. Based on their findings, they recommend getting clarity on items such as money management styles, budgeting and savings goals, who’s responsible for what, and how much debt each person brings to the relationship.

Start Communicating about Money

You probably don’t want to spend your first date quizzing her about her credit score, but as you get to know each other, get in the habit of communicating about money. This way, you can gather information about your financial compatibility. The Women’s Institute for Financial Education provides a list of questions to help couples evaluate financial compatibility and identify potential challenges. Use this type of question list for ideas on how to broach communication about money topics early in a relationship so you have a better idea where things are headed.

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