7 Ways Dads Help Out In the Home

7 Ways Dads Help Out In the Home

American households have made dramatic changes in the past 50 years when it comes to the role of fathers. According to Pew Research Center, in 1960, 70% of households had a father who worked and a mother stayed home. Now it is more common to see both parents working and sharing responsibilities in the home. Dads are playing a more mixed and vital role, and here are seven ways they help out in the home.


Men have taken to task the important role of educating their children in the home. It’s increasingly more common for men to sit down at the homework table and work through math, science, English, and history with their children.

Jungle Jims

I don’t know one child who does not like playing with their dad. Dads are awesome, energetic entertainers for children who seem to hold on to their youth longer than Mom. The quality time that is spent rough housing on the floor and chasing the kids through the house is priceless, and kids value the time that they have climbing on good ‘ole dad.

Mr. Fix It

Dads can fix just about any household problem whether it is the family car, a scratch on the knee, or hurt feelings. Dads come equipped with the answers to just about everything. Kids feel safe knowing that when they turn to Dad, everything will be just fine.

Role Models

Men set the standard of what it means to be a man for both their sons and daughters. Sons need to see a daily example of what it means to be a man. Daughters need to see an example of how men behave respectfully toward women. The image of how a father behaves can greatly impact the future for children of both genders.


Dads are income providers. Some dads earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing which leads to a flexible, family friendly job in the medical field that is always in demand. There are also many other jobs that pay well that can help dads provide for the whole family. This is just one more great way that dads can help out the family.


Men are leaders, decision makers, and disciplinarians in their home. This does not have to be carried out abrasively, but children should see that their father is a leader, an authority, is affectionate, and supportive.


Little league or life coach, dads are great at teaching the fundamentals. Any father who’s involved in the lives of their children every day can expect to have a happy home.

Even though home life may seem like a daily rush, fathers represent stability within the home. Their guidance, support, and presence are the glue of the family. Dads, take the role seriously because youthful eyes are watching.

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