6 foods that will boost sexual energy

New Picture4From Vegan to Paleo, people are constantly experimenting with different diets to try to find the one most beneficial to their body.  Food nourishes and strengthens us, and can often have medicinal qualities, too. So it may not come as a shock when looking to unleash extra sexual energy, it’s important to make sure you’re putting the right stuff into your body.  Are there specific foods you can eat to awaken your sexuality and kick your libido into
overdrive?  You bet! Check out the list of sexual super foods below and get ready to spice up your plate (and bedroom) tonight!


While smoking clove cigarettes may be a big no-no, incorporating cloves into your diet is a huge “YES” when it comes to increasing arousal, especially in men. India actually used cloves as medicine to treat erectile function for centuries. Mexico often uses it in powdered form, making cloves versatile and a great option in a host of recipes.  Use them in an exotic dish; then have your partner over for a little suppertime foreplay as your taste buds indulge in this libido boosting super food.


This delicious fruit may be comprised of 92% water, but the other 8% of its components rival Viagra when it comes to sexual performance.  Citrulline, a phytonutrient watermelon contains, helps relax blood vessels the same way as prescriptions men often take for sexual dysfunction. Studies dating back to 2008 repeatedly show men who eat watermelon notice a significant increase in sexual energy.  Put down the glass of wine and say “Cheers!” with a watermelon rind instead.  The outside summer temperatures won’t be the only thing heating things up.


If you want to bypass the little stuff and get straight down to business, add this “king of herbs” into your diet. Since 500 AD, people all across the Orient have used Ginseng to boost their libido. Women and men both notice a significant libido boost after adding ginseng to their diet, usually only after only a month of taking it.  You can take Ginseng as a supplement in capsule or extract form, or you can drink it as a tea.  Either way, it’s sure to firm up your sex life!


You’re both tired: Whether it’s a headache or just a ridiculously long day at work, sometimes the thought of maintaining enough stamina to enjoy a little romp under the covers can put you to sleep easier than a rerun of Matlock.  Ingesting protein is essential to keeping a good grip on your sex life.  What easier way to get protein on the plate than to scramble up a few eggs for breakfast, or enjoy them hardboiled on your salad at dinner?  An easy and versatile food, eggs pack a nutritious punch of not only protein, but an amino acid L-arginine that will keep your energy levels high and libido loaded.


They don’t recommend a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day for nothing.  Chocolate has a long history as a sweet little aphrodisiac sure to put your partner in the mood.  Chocolate’s magnesium content helps you feel relaxed, which can often be the first step towards unleashing an energized sexual encounter.  Phenylethylamine, which triggers the same hormones released during sex, is found in dark chocolate. So for an extra boost of mojo, go straight for the good stuff!


Chances are you have almonds on hand if you’re living in 2015.  People have been going nuts over these little super foods for years because of their mineral and vitamin content. Almond milks, butters, cereals, and snacks of all kinds line the aisles of the supermarkets and kitchens of most Americans today.  Their zinc, vitamin E and selenium contents are better for more than just your heart and digestion.  Research shows almonds can boost libido and increase men’s sex hormones.  The omega-3 fatty acids they harbor help increase blood circulation, which is a must for good sexual health.  Stash a bag of almonds in your pantry and indulge in some dark chocolate covered almonds for a real rush of sexual energy!

With the demands of daily living, the last thing you need to stress about is your sex life.   People turned to nature for centuries to boost sexual energy; and looking at the current level of world population, it’s clearly working!  Before heading to the therapist or pharmacy, try tweaking the foods on your plate to see if you can’t fire up your libido and add some spice to your love life.

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