Care = Knowledge + Gut = Babies

There is a lot of “information” out there nowadays. It all started way back when we humans started talking. Then came the written word, and then television, and now it’s the world-wide-web, that great wellspring of all things knowable. Thomas Jefferson considered information the “currency of democracy,” and Ronald Reagan termed it the “oxygen of the...Continue reading

The Family Jewels: To Cut or Cover?

“OK, Honey, I’m pulling the goalie. The IUD is out. Your turn to think about contraception.” Gees, now what? Quick, go through the list in your head. Withdrawal? Abstinence? Rhythm method? Not likely. Really boils down to vasectomy or condoms. Cut it or cover it. Handling Old Faithful Gees, condoms?!? Believe it or not, the oldest known condoms...Continue reading

Childless by Choice

Writer and filmmaker Jason Headley ( published a poignant essay in about his decision to be childless. Excerpts from his well-considered point of view are presented here, with his permission: “Picture this: I’m thirty-four years old. I’ve been married four and a half years. I don’t have any children. People ask, ‘When are you guys going...Continue reading

The Truth About Vasectomy and Pain

I give a Certificate of Honor to specially recognize every patient on whom I perform a vasectomy. It’s really quite nice and very frameable. “Why?” You ask. Well, it’s not that a no scalpel vasectomy is the most gruesome thing that a man could experience in his life. It’s just that, in the real world of fish stories and Internet tales,...Continue reading

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