Great Health & Fitness Apps for 2013

fitness appsWhile technology makes certain aspects of life easier, certain activities, such as exercise, need to be done the old-fashioned way in order to be effective. That isn’t to say modern technology can’t facilitate health and fitness; indeed, many modern mobile apps do just that. And it seems that there are hot new health and fitness mobile applications being released every month.

So in the interest of narrowing the playing field, here are some of the hottest and most effective new apps in the health and fitness world that are guaranteed to be popular in 2013.

Fitocracy – free, iPhone/Android
Fitocracy combines fitness and social networking with this effective offering. It is a weight-loss app that allows users to keep track of structured exercise or gym routines as well as everyday activities like walking up stairs or having a dance at a party. Users can recruit and share data with friends and friends of friends as well as be connected with a network of thousands of real-life fitness experts.

RunKeeper – free, iOS/Android
This app is geared towards Quantified Self enthusiasts and is integrated with over 100 health and fitness-related websites and services. The app is a comprehensive tracker that keeps tabs on every run, bike ride, hike and walk all the while aggregating every bit of data and presenting it in graph form for the user. This makes it easier for those looking to get in top shape to set real goals as far as their exercise routines are concerned. Not only that, but the app offers customizable training schedules and even motivational voice coaching.

Cardiio — $2.99, iOS
The name of the game with this app is biofeedback. It is indeed a cardio monitor, but instead of cumbersome chest straps and finger clips, all users need to do to test their heart rate is look into their iPhone’s camera. The app then reads changes in skin color to determine the user’s current rate. It also keeps a detailed log of data averages that can be displayed daily, weekly or even monthly.

Workout Trainer – free, iOS/Android
This option by Skimble covers everything the habitual exerciser needs to burn those calories. The app comes equipped with thousands of multimedia exercise routines and offers fully customizable programs as well. As far as virtual trainers are concerned, those who download this app have a choice between audio coaching from real-life pro trainers or advice from digital coaches.

Beeminder – free, iOS/Android
This app is worth a mention for the simple reason it incentivizes fitness success the way no other app around does: by penalizing the user cold hard cash for failing to reach his or her goals. That’s right, users pay a penalty fee each time they fail to live up to the fitness goals they themselves set. The app has proven successful among many users who quickly reach a threshold of how much money they are willing to spend for shirking their exercise duties.

These are just some of the best apps on the market in 2013. Indeed, many of them are already making a splash, with options such as Fitocracy poised to be the next big thing in exercise and social media.

Scott Johnson is a tech blogger who writes on behalf of companies such as smartphone insurer, a popular brand who insures gadgets that people can’t live without.

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